We had years in OEM experince.
Our Reseach and development keep on develop suitable module for different customers need
Every module can be customize as customers wish. We will also provide solution and opinion to make the product to furfill customer expectation.

OEM follow :

1 - Consultation and Suggestion
We advise on the specification, Fabric, Size, Package,LOGO etc. depending on Customers Request.
2 - Quotation
We give a rough quote based on the product development planning.
3 - Customized Sampleing
Pre-production sample will be make and we will go through with Client, evaluation discussion and modifications
4 - Customized Testing
After pre-production sample has been finalized and pass clinet's expect. We will process to clinet's country regulation, law requirement test on the product.
5 - Production Quotation
Give the product quotation based on given quantity and contents, we will proceed to finial production sample with approval with customers.
6 - Order Confirmation
Packaging material product delivery date schedule
7 - Manufacture and Shipment
Full-scale manufacturing finished, packaging, Quality control, Also we test on every individual item test. Goods submission depend on clinet expected delivery.


we make tent we sale tent


we sale fabric we process fabric

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